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A sarong is einWickeltuch, that mostly consists of cotton fabric. The sarong is common in South Asia and the South Pacific and is worn by women and men alike, depending on the country he is known under different names, for example, or Lavalava or pareo.

The sarong is held by a Knotn front of the abdomen or at the Sete. Normally, the sarong reaches to the feet, but you can beat him twice and so wear knee-length, thus the freedom of movement is increased.

Sarongs are available in an infinite variety of colors and patterns, for example, tie-dyed. Sarong with floral patterns are primarily getagen of women, but also in Polynesia by men.

The sarong was previously in countries such as Thailand is a rather inexpensive piece of clothing for the poor. But this has changed over the years. Today, the sarong is absulut trendy, and very fashionable and exclusive clothing that is well-established worldwide on the beaches of the world.

Thaisawadee is constantly trying to buy sarongs new color scheme and present them here for you.

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