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Heating Patches
A heat patch is an adhesive patch that for topical treatment of pain especially in the
back area is applied (for example, lumbago, muscle tension, rheumatic diseases). It
remains four to twelve hours on the skin. In traditional heat patches at this time active
substances are released that promote blood circulation and thus ensure a
continuous, uniform heating of the covered area. Locally applied, stimulates derived
from cayenne pepper extract, the heat and pain receptors of the skin. Noticeable and
is often visible as redness of the skin reaction at first. The circulation is stimulated, a
sensation of warmth spreading. Another positive effect is long-lasting analgesic
effect. Capsaicin inhibits the release of a pain neurotransmitter, called substance P.
The existing stocks of substance P to be emptied and transmit the pain signals from
being why patients after cessation of treatment have no pain. Metal powder-based
heat patch dispense with the direct stimulation of the skin caused by drugs in favor of
an external heat supply. In this patch inline metal powder reacts with oxygen in the air.
The reaction heat is released to the body.

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