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Gold Leaf

Gold leaf is gold that is lined with thin sheets of about one ten thousands of a millimeter thin. In Thailand, Gold Leaf is used 24 carat. Is obtained from a gram of gold about 3 - 7 square meters of gold leaf. The process of producing gold is gold brawl. This craft was already used over 5,000 years ago in India. In Thailand it is already prepared for hundreds of years in the traditional way and used to decorate religious figures. Gold leaf gilding is ideally suited to all types of indoor and outdoor use, such as Applications in pictures, sculptures and stone carvings, on picture frames, metal and other materials. Our 24 carat gold leaf decorate 999/1000 is edible, and as a food additive E 175 for food, suitable, for example ice cream and confectionery. It is considered non-toxic and is deposited not in the body. It is excreted with the digested food back. Furthermore, our 24 Karat gold leaf is suitable for cosmetic applications. It is available at Thaisawadee pure or base. At base, it is not edible, but easier to apply on items for decoration.

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