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Osodtip Massage Balm Hmo Iang Brand 50gr

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Osodtip Massage Balm Hmo Iang Brand 50gr


Thai massage "Osodtip Balm" with a light and pleasant smell of herbs. The Balm is used in Thailand for pain relief and healing during the massage.

The Balm is used for relieving muscle pain, sprains, pain in the cold, dizziness, sore muscles after unaccustomed exercise or exertion, and insect bites.

This Balm has a slight warming effect.

Medicine Description [Osodtip Balm Hmo Eiang Brand] Uses, Relives body pain and tiredness Directions Apply the Balm on affected parts [FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY] Camphor Tree [Cinnamomum camphora] The parts used in the Balm are skin and root. The extracted oil from camphors skin and root consistsof camphor, safrol, cineole, pinene, camphene, phellandrene and limonene.This extracted oil can be used as a light antiseptic, and as a rub to support joint mobility and circulation.


For pain relief undiluted directly on skin or massage to cure a teaspoonful in hot water solution for whole-body massage.

For external use only.

You will receive 1 jar Balm with 50 g net. Content


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Zuverlässige Abwicklung.Gruß und Danke von Ralf aus Gummersbach

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