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3 Teppanom Bronze brown/ Fire gildet 57cm high

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3 Temple Guardian "Teppanom" hand made of bronze. This temple guard was made of heavy cast bronze in the lost form.

 The three sculptures each have a height of 57cm, a depth of 20 cm and a wide of 18cm kg at a weight of about 4.5 per sculpture.

The color combination is unique and very rare to find. The two sculptures are processed completely and perfectly meet the highest standards.

Teppanom are a mythological angel and part of the Buddhist tradition in Thailand.It is thought that these angels descended from the heavens
to pay their respects when the Buddha reached enlightenment and to celebrate such a monumental event.
The detailed filigree of the traditional costumes and lovely proportion make them particularly fine examples of Teppanom angels.
The male and female twin angels are kneeling in the respectful Thai greeting, palms together in a wai. In Thailand they are seen in royal palaces, at the entrance to Buddhist temples and in restaurants as a welcoming symbol to all guests.

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