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8 x Herbal Compress XL each 200g in Gift Box

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Shipping time: 10-14 work days
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8 x Herbal Compress for the whole body (200 g per stamp)

This high quality product is an original from Thailand.
- Fresh-1A product for professional use
- Tight binding does not disintegrate
- Individually airtight container
- Shipping by air mail directly from Thailand
- Manufacturer in Thailand is a state certified
The stamps are used in Thailand for muscle pain, joint pain, sports injuries, cramps, massage, to improve skin texture, skin becomes smooth and supple, to improve circulation
The stamps are filled with a special blend of herbs:
Purpuream-Ginger Rose (Ginger)
Curcuma domestica-Valeton (turmeric)
-Alpinia nigra B.L. Burtt (ginger family)
-Cassia Alata L. (leaves of the candle bush)
-Cymbopogon Uintesianus Jowitt (citronella)
-Curcuma Amada (turmeric)
-Leaves Tamarindus indica L. (leaves of the tamarind tree)
-Leaves Buahinia Retusa (leaves of the orchid tree)
-Leaves Acacia Concinna (Willdx) D.C. (Leaves of an Asian tree)
-Leaves Nibuhria Siamesia
-Leaves Crinum asiaticum (leaves of the Asian Lily)
-Leaves pandanus Ordorus (leaves of a tree screws)
-Borneol (borneol is obtained from a tree)
-Camphor (Camphor)
The stamp envelope is made ??of quality cotton.
Caution: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes and open wounds.
Product in a cool, dry and dark.
With this offer you get 8 large stamp (per 200g) each in a Gift Box
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