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3 Pack Porous Capsicum Plaster Worm Chilli Brand 11cm x 18cm

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Shipping time: 10-14 work days
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Porous Capsicum Medicated Plaster Warm is one of the best stiff neck remedies, the warm
pain relief patch is comfortable to wear and provides long lasting relief for stiff necks and
muscular aches and pains. It is comfortable and an effective remedy for stiff neck and
shoulders, back pains and muscular fatigue.
Porous Capsicum Medicated Plaster Warmis an analgesic preparation. Once applied, its
ingredients are absorbed into the skin to stimulate blood circulation which helps to expedite
the healing process.
Application for:
Pain in muscles and joints
Rheumatic diseases
Pain caused by sports injuries, sprains, bruises, strains
Itching of insect bites
and, independently, to:
Intervertebral discs and back pain
Muscle tension, such as for example stiff neck
and much more
Directions for use:
Wash the skin w ith soap and w ater and dry w ell. Remove the muslin from the adhesive side of the plaster.
Place the plaster on the aching spot and press it to the skin until it sticks. After use remove the plaster by
tacking it at a corner and tear it off.
Capsicum Extract 2.89%
Zinc Oxide 14.29%
Resin 49.08%
White Wax 16.33%
Soybean Oil 2.86%
Scope of delivery:
3 Pack Vorw erk "Chilli" Brand Porous Capsicum Medicated Plaster
Each Pack contains 1 Plaster 11cm x 18cm - 4.3 in x 7.1 in
New - unopened in the original packaging.
Mode of dispatch:
Registered airmail requiring signature.
Additional important information:
All our product have been tested and approved by the FDA of Thailand. With the GMP (Good Manufacturing
Practice) Standard, this are high quality products w ithout harmful chemicals and there is no side effect on
your face and skin. All our products are not treated as prescription drugs.
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