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4 Tins Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder each 50 gr.

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Prickly Heat Powder from Snake Brand is the classic refreshing powder of the Thai people. Here is the original, a cooling and soothing powder which acts in hot weather pleasantly cool and effectively prevents skin irritation and itching as a result of excessive sweating. It will be distributed after the shower as an antiseptic and absorbent powder on the skin.

This is called Prickly Heat, when the body sweats in hot weather and high humidity is more than the sweat pores can dissipate to the outside. The sweat is then distributed in the adjacent tissue and caused some harmless but unpleasant itchy red spots (hot spots) in the affected area.

The following tips help prevent Prickly Heat: Man wearing possible light and wide, soft clothes that do not accumulate the heat and humidity. Most suitable natural materials like cotton. You should stay in cool and well ventilated atmosphere, for example in rooms with air conditioning. Even a fan can be useful. Several times a day take a cool bath or shower. Do not use ointments or creams because they keep the skin warm and moist and worsen the situation. Do not scratch. And of course use Prickly Heat Powder instead of irgenwelchen Deo's.

Prickly Heat Powder, developed over 60 years, the original cooling and refreshing and soothing powder which relieves the itching as a result of heat on the skin effectively. With its fresh scent of natural essential oils, it is for daily use by the whole family ideal. The unique metal cans keep the coolness and fragrance fresh for a long time.

Prickly Heat Powder contains fresh, natural essential oils.
Ingredients: Menthol 0.8% w / w, Camphor 1.4% w / w, Triclocarban 0.3% w / w, perfume, kaolin, talc

With this offer you get 4 tins Classic with 50 gr Content each tin.

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